Employees who surpass themselves

Our employees belong to us as much as a blade belongs to a cutting machine. They are enthusiastic about progress, innovation and quality. At the same time, they have the ability to appreciate what we have and to respect our roots. They enjoy shaping the present and the future of TREIF with their performance. And they are not afraid of making decisions on their own. An open and transparent communication is the basis for forming an even stronger team in the future, where everyone makes their own contribution with their individual talents. In return, we promise to welcome them to our team and to share our knowledge, our experience and our challenges with them.

Growth that breaks all chains

We are proud of our roots! They are grounding us and give us the necessary support for growing. But we won’t leave it at that. We want to grow and our daily working environment grows with us: new subsidiaries, new international colleagues and customers who are right to demand maximum performance. Our excellent innovations – of which we are very proud – and understanding our customers’ needs have opened the opportunities we now take. It is a challenging growth for us all – without a doubt. We are passionate about making our contribution because we believe in the success (of TREIF).

Cutting precision with passion

Our employees’ “cutting gene” – as our company’s owner likes to call it – characterises our individual TREIF DNA: enthusiasm for new technologies and their constant development as well as our passion for identifying, developing or optimising cutting solutions for our customers. Everyone, from accountants to warehouse staff, from developers to cleaning staff, knows the curious tingling sensation when a new machine is operated for the first time. It really makes us proud to see what we have accomplished and what we continue to drive forward with much vigour every day. And in doing so, we constantly improve our processes and skilfully overcome difficulties. Yes, this costs strength. And that’s fine. After all, we have a goal: being the partner who supplies our customers with top-level cutting technology.