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FALCON robotic

FALCON robotic

Automation rather than standstill

With the Robotic Line, TREIF offers you the option of taking another step towards automation. This makes your company more independent of the labour market and saves valuable time in production.
The intelligent camera system measures, records and places products with or without bones with great accuracy. The TREIF robotics technology ensures a constant placement format in deep-drawn, flat-board or tray packaging thanks to the precise detection of the contour and possible twisting of the slice.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fewer personnel hours required and omission of shift changes through automation – save costs 
        and time at the same time
  • The 4D camera system completely captures and calibrates the product
  • Fully automatic sorting and placement process using robot technology – for cutting with or 
        without bones
  • Also ideal for cutting according to slice thickness or weight specification
  • Portioning of a product into different weights at the press of a button – calculation of the
        optimum slice thickness to achieve the target weight
  • Highly flexible cutting system with different optional modules such as pre-weigher/dynamic 
        portioning separator/grouping unit/weight check scales/sorting station with pusher(s), e.g.
        separation of underweight or overweight slices (optional)/flip-flop belt