Dicing, strip cutting, grating

The dicing and strip cutting machine TWISTER can reach an hourly capacity of up to 3,500 kg / 7,716 lb - even when operating continuously.

TWISTER is where highest durability and strong performance results meet great ease of operation from loading to cleaning. The simple display menu guiding is intuitive.

Capacity and cutting technology

  • Top cutting quality provided by high-tech AVS and DHS systems
  • Flexibility and high performance due to choice between continuous or intermittent cutting, along with individually adjustable blade speeds
  • Optional product quality assurance (PQS): Lubricants that accumulate during the cutting procedure cannot enter the cut product

Economic efficiency

  • Particularly cost-effective solution for perfect cutting quality in the mid-range performance class
  • Optimum product compression due to automatic pre-pressing (AVS)

Cleaning and operator comfort

  • Consistently ergonomic, even for cleaning
  • Easy access to all machine parts for cleaning
  • Gridset changes require no tools, thanks to "Click&Go" gridset
  • High filling quantity thanks to a generous cutting chamber
  • Robust gridset drive, jet-washer resistant
  • A hygiene cylinder keeps the cutting chamber clean (optional)

Individual customer solutions

All manufacturers have their own very individual requirements in terms of cutting and processing technology. The great experience of our engineers and the flexible way the design architecture of our machines is engineered mean we can respond to the individual needs of our customers right down to the finest detail.

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