The flexible solution for the ready-cut market

The DIVIDER 660+ ensures a high degree of flexibility. With a generous infeed chamber measuring 320 x 130 mm / 280 x 160 mm (12 3/5" x 5 1/10" / 11" x 6 3/10"), the DIVIDER 660+ offers multiple application options. This means, for example, that 100 mm (3 9/10") type products can be sliced in 3 rows using this machine. The machine has the capacity to work within production lines. Different combinations are possible, from a starter without any mechanical conversion work. The slicer has a touch screen with intuitive menus. Online remote maintenance is possible thanks to the fact that all TREIF slicers can be connected to a network.

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Individual customer solutions

All manufacturers have their own very individual requirements in terms of cutting and processing technology. The great experience of our engineers and the flexible way the design architecture of our machines is engineered mean we can respond to the individual needs of our customers right down to the finest detail.

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