Business medal for Uwe Reifenhäuser

Wissing awards business medal to Uwe Reifenhäuser

"Uwe Reifenhäuser combines exemplary entrepreneurship with high social commitment. He has made TREIF Maschinenbau GmbH an internationally operating Hidden Champion. With the TREIF products, Uwe Reifenhäuser transfers the commitment to quality 'made in Germany' into the international markets. In Rhineland-Palatinate, the entrepreneur has been committed himself to social cohesion and to vocational training and education for many years," said the Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Volker Wissing on the occasion of the presentation of the business medal to Uwe Reifenhäuser, owner of TREIF Maschinenbau GmbH located Oberlahr.

The Minister appreciated the entrepreneurial achievements of Uwe Reifenhäuser, who took over the management responsibility of TREIF from his father in 1989 and has made since then the company a world leader in food cutting technology with highly innovative products. "Successful companies and a functioning economy are the basis of our country, since they facilitate social cohesion and participation," said Wissing. Reifenhäuser has created about 400 jobs and training places at TREIF in Oberlahr.

The Minister of Trade and Industry emphasized Uwe Reifenhäuser's long-standing commitment to vocational education and training that he started at a time when the looming shortage of skilled workers had not been such an important topic as it is today. Reifenhäuser has been dedicated himself to the IHK Academy Coblenz since 1990 and has been its chairman since 1998. "Your commitment to education and further training testifies great far-sightedness," said Wissing. He mentioned the project "Fit for Vocational Training", initiated by Reifenhäuser, which has been of benefit for more than 10,000 young people and hundreds of companies. "You realized that we need to join forces to support young people who struggle to find their way" said Wissing.

"Mr. Reifenhäuser, you are an outstanding example of responsible entrepreneurship that often distinguishes family businesses in our country. Without companies like yours, companies that provide the world with innovations out of supposedly small places, and without entrepreneurs like you, our federal state would be less attractive" said Wissing.

Photos of the ceremony can be found here.

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