What we are

We see ourselves as highly specialised manufacturers and global trend-setters for machines,
production lines and systems in food cutting and slicing technology. TREIF combines the
greatest possible range of different cutting technologies in independently operating
Competence Units. Whether for meat, sausage and cheese or bread and confectionery,
or for cutting dices, strips or slices, TREIF knows the most suitable cutting technique and
exactly how to apply it.
Our goal is customer satisfaction. We hope to achieve this through our unique combination
of cutting technology and customer service.

Our company philosophy

Maximisation of customer benefit

As opposed to focussing purely on profit maximisation, all our efforts are channelled into
offering our customers the greatest possible benefit.


Our unique range of cutting techniques combined with the principle of close co-operation
with our customers enables us to create innovative products both for our customers (!) and ourselves.


Mediocrity is unacceptable. Only the highest demands on the quality of performance of
each of our employees, suppliers and service providers guarantee the first class standards
required to achieve maximum benefit.

The focus is on our strengths

Our business is focussed entirely on improving our strengths and core competencies, rather
than diluting them in any unnecessary attempts at diversification.

Positive customer contacts

We want every customer to feel they have gained something positive every time they contact us.

No half measures

Whatever we do, we do it properly - or not at all.

With a passion

For us, cutting and processing food is a passion.  That's why we put heart and soul into our business.

Management and personnel policy

Our management team is conscious of the fact that top performance can only flourish in an
atmosphere of employee motivation, enthusiasm and team spirit.  They do their utmost to
ensure such an atmosphere prevails.

In return, from our employees we expect motivation, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, responsibility,
loyalty, hard work and the ability to see themselves as part of the overall process.

Setting common objectives, talking to employees on a personal level, performance reviews and
mutual respect and honesty in workplace relations are essential components of any personnel
management policy.

Our employees are given all the information they need to take responsibility for their own
independent actions.
The ability to see essentials and the simple route to any goal is the basis on which we operate.

Our principles for manufacturing and development

To ensure our core competencies continue to develop and improve, our manufacturing capabilities
and new developments are kept at the highest possible technical and organisational levels.

The required level of added value is determined in accordance with economic efficiency, flexibility
and core competencies, though certain strategic areas have to remain under our own control.