Hygiene measures


Stay healthy and optimistic! Together we will overcome this difficult time.

+++ 6th July 11:28 am++

Pick-up services for visitors to Oberlahr can not be operated and organized by TREIF currently.  Further our employers are not allowed to use cars with more than one person. 

+++ 3rd July 11:56 am +++

TREIF eases the measures and welcomes visitors tothe customer center and production. 
There's still the duty to wear protective masks on our premises and also during cutting tests and demos.  Guided tours of small groups in Oberlahr are possible by standing to the rules and using microphones and headsets to keep distance to each other.

+++ 07th May 1:37 pm +++

We introduced a duty to wear protective masks in Oblerahr. Our employees and visitors are provided with protective masks by us.

+++ 17th April 8:53 am +++

We act in compliance with our governments instructions from the 15th of April. Hygiene and keeping distance are essential measures.

+++ 09th April 4:38 pm +++

Happy Easter! This year is different. Celebrating Easter means to spend time just with a small circle of people in this time. Protect yourself and your loved ones and stay at home.

+++ 3rd April 1:59 pm +++

Read here the statement of our management sent to our customers in week 14.

+++ 2nd April 2:30 pm +++

Repairs in our production are perormed via remote maintanance.. We keep in contact with equipment representatives via Teams, eMail and phone calls to reduce the number of visitors in Oberlahr. Our employees in production are provided with gloves.

+++ 31st March  2:11 pm +++

We stopped using the railway for business trips. The use of a car is only allowed for one person, in special cases multiple cars have to be used. 

+++ 30th March 11:28 am+++

Our specialists are available as ususal. You can contact them via eMail, cellphone, MS Teams and Skype to find the best cutting solution. 
We are available for you!

+++ 27th March 2020 08.05 am+++

The majority of our colleagues in the financial department is working at  home since two weeks. Cooridination and communication are ensured by the use of chats and video calls. The digitalization is accelerated due to the current situation. The process of travel expenses is completely digital now. The digitalization of inovices,  which was planned anyway, is going to be realized as soon as possible.

+++ 24th March 2020  1:06 pm +++

Also in our service department travveling is reduced to a minimum.. Flights have been generally prohibited, we prefer using cars. If you urgently need our support on site, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will find an individual solution.

+++ 20th March 2020 09:14 am +++

Tightened measures are especially necessary for demonstrations in our Food Cutting Center. The number of visitors per customer and of TREIF employees are reduced enormously. We take care to ensure a distance of a minimum of 2 m. TREIF employees and customers have to wear gloves and coats provided by TREIF. We inform our visitors about our hygiene and precautionary measures

+++ 18th March 2020 07:10 am+++

Our  measures are rolled out for our staff:  Our colleagues work in different working hours and a few in their home offices with rotational appearance in Oberlahr since Monday. W e also take care to keep a distance to each other at the workplaces in our production. 

+++ 17th March 2020 12:21 pm +++

To avoid contact with others and keep operations running at the same time, meetings only take place virtual. We take care to keep a distance to each other, for example is our canteen only  opened for a specific number of persons and our colleagues are spread in a lot of rooms. 

+++ 16th March 2020,  12:17 pm +++

Our travel activities have been severely restricted for more than three weeks. Flights have been generally prohibited, we prefer using cars and, in exceptional cases, the train.

If you urgently need our support on site, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will find an individual solution in coordination with our management.

At our headquarters in Oberlahr, our team has been and will continuously be informed about the necessary hygiene measures:

  • Disinfectants are sufficiently available - for both employees and visitors.
  • Our meeting rooms, the door handles, light switches and handrails are disinfected every day.
  • Our catering staff use disposable gloves.
  • We avoid physical contact to greet and say goodbye.
  • We keep sufficient distance from each other and reduce the number of participants in meetings.
  • We are increasingly focusing on video conferences, the use of MS teams, etc.
  • The TREIF team is fully aware of its responsibility - all employees have been informed about hygiene regulations and the coughing and sneezing etiquette. 
  • The topic of private vacations is also discussed openly and confidentially and, if necessary, the appropriate consequences are taken into consideration.