Blade Manufacturing by TREIF

The complete package from the cutting specialist:
slice now even more efficiently with TREIF nanoBlades

TREIF nanoBlades:  Use 100 % of your cutting machine‘s potential by using the optimum blade. TREIF develops and manufactures machine and blade as one unit — the only way to achieve an optimum cutting result.

And — at the end of the day, you also save cost. TREIF blades are designed for a long service life. High quality steel, complex manufacturing processes on the highest level including sophisticated mechanisms for engraving the blade and a sharpening service that focuses on fast sharpening as well as on quality and a long service life of the blades — all this speaks for itself.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ideal cutting conditions, consistent cutting quality due to best possible interaction between TREIF quality blades and TREIF machine
  • Best possible use of your cutting machine‘s potential and consequently higher yield
  • High degree of process reliability
  • Long cutting-edge life and long service life of the blade through use of high-quality blade steel, lowest possible tolerance limits in manufacturing
    and professional, low-wear sharpening and regrinding
  • No risk of damage or additional wear on other machine parts (e.g. bearing, cutting frame) through non-expert blade treatment
  • Sharpening devices for TREIF blades (HS models)


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Individual customer solutions

All manufacturers have their own very individual requirements in terms of cutting and processing technology. The great experience of our engineers and the flexible way the design architecture of our machines is engineered mean we can respond to the individual needs of our customers right down to the finest detail.

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