PRIMUS 500 (New)
The Premium-Model***


The Premium-Modell***

Bread slicing has never been so clean, so fast, so quiet
The PRIMUS 500 is a premium model slicer suitable for all types of bread. Engineered for superior hygiene, speed and quietness, it’s ideal for settings such as bakeries, shops, restaurants, hotels and cafeterias.

Slices loaves perfectly, every time
The PRIMUS 500 slices every kind of bread, from the softest sandwichloaf or toast, to dense and grainy bread, to twice-baked bread with a hard crust. It can also handle loaf cakes such as fruitcake and Madeira cake. The secret to perfect slices? The patented circular nanoBlade cuts effortlessly, with no oiling needed. Your loaf keeps its perfect shape – even fresh from the oven. The PRIMUS 500 can even cut clean slices of marble cake with chocolate glaze.

Super fast, super quiet
With a maximum speed of 220 slices per minute, the PRIMUS 500 is astonishingly fast, so you can spend less time slicing and more time with your customers. When lightning speed isn’t required,
you can switch to the ‘eco’ setting, which cuts at a still rapid rate of 130 slices per minute. No matter how fast you slice, highly optimized sound-absorbing brushes keep the PRIMUS 500 pleasantly quiet. Noise is kept to a minimum.

Easy slicing, any way you want it
Designed for simplicity, the PRIMUS 500 uses an easy one-button operating system for all functions. Select your desired speed, how thick you want your slices, cut your loaf in half, or slice half of the loaf and leave the other half intact. You can also cut your loaf by number of slices—a great option if you need a specific quantity with no wasted leftovers. An automatic slice holder supports the slices during the cutting process. This maintains the loaf’s shape, so it’s easy to pick up and package. A convenient gripper ensures that the end-crust is very small.

Highest quality construction
The PRIMUS 500 is a truly premium slicer, built for top-level performance and durability. Key to its success is the TREIF nanoBlade, which has unique toothing and a special grinding finish that makes it extra long-lasting. TREIF, part of Marel, is the only bread slicer manufac-turer that produces the blades itself. The PRIMUS 500’s cutting section and technical section are completely separated, so flour and other contaminants can’t enter the machinery. Your machine stays well-pro-tected fromdamage and downtime.

Your benefits at a glance
The PRIMUS 500 sets the standard for hygienic bread slicing. Its unique open design makes cleaning exception-ally quick, simple and safe.
• Numerous slots allow fast sweeping of crumbs
• Easily removable tray catches all residue
• Removal chute detaches for easy access—no dismantling needed
• Oil-free slicing
• Blade protection ensures safe cleaning
These features add up to superior food safety with less time cleaning.

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Individual customer solutions

All manufacturers have their own very individual requirements in terms of cutting and processing technology. The great experience of our engineers and the flexible way the design architecture of our machines is engineered mean we can respond to the individual needs of our customers right down to the finest detail.

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