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With 400 cuts per minute (with double blade) and a large in-feed chamber 350 mm x 240 mm ; 13 4/5" x 9 1/2"  (breadth by depth), the LION slicing and portioning machine combines efficiency with sufficient space for numerous cutting applications. It is a further, more powerful addition to our range of elegantly designed slicing and portioning machines, aimed at supermarkets and industrial users.

With LION, it is possible to cut  bone-in pork as well as boneless products, such as bacon, spare ribs, chops, boneless beef  or dairy products, such as cheese, either fresh, chilled or deep-frozen to - 4°C.

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Individual customer solutions

All manufacturers have their own very individual requirements in terms of cutting and processing technology. The great experience of our engineers and the flexible way the design architecture of our machines is engineered mean we can respond to the individual needs of our customers right down to the finest detail.

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