Marel supports flood affected communities in China, Germany and the Netherlands

In China, RMB 1 million (approximately  EUR 130,000) have been donated to the local Red Cross for the provision of essential items such as food, clean water and shelter to those most impacted by the floods, whilst also contributing towards restoration and recovery initiatives in some of the worst hit areas of Henan province.

Marel is donating EUR 50,000 to local authorities in the heavily affected Ahrweiler district in Germany, which is coordinating relief efforts. Marel’s aide is directed towards food and shelter for those in need.

In the Netherlands, Marel is donating EUR 20,000 to the Nationaal Rampenfonds, a Dutch non-governmental organization, which supports small-scale projects alleviating local pressures and distributes funds to people and organizations on the ground who know where the greatest need is and can provide the right solution.

With substantial Marel operations in regions close to the floods in both Germany and the Netherlands, and with customers located in the affected region in China, Marel is extending its support beyond financial aid.

Marel’s crisis teams have been working in close collaboration with the company’s health and safety experts to ensure that all employees are safe and accounted for, whilst constantly monitoring the situation for any developments which might necessitate further action. Marel is also maintaining consistent communication with customers in the affected regions in China as well as Germany and the Netherlands, to understand how support should be prioritised and delivered. Separately, colleagues from TREIF, a part of Marel since acquisition in 2020, have supported volunteer fire services in the vicinity of Ahrweiler to secure the surrounding environment as effectively as possible while other colleagues travelled to the affected areas as volunteers and offered assistance to local residents in cleaning up.

Marel’s purpose is safe, nutritious and affordable food for all

At Marel, we believe in unity through collaboration, cooperation and communication, all of which are vital when responding to a crisis like this.

Marel’s donation is made in line with the company’s social responsibility approach, which is to engage actively and systematically with local communities and stakeholders. Moreover, one of two focus areas of Marel’s social participation and charitable giving is food, nutrition and water. In response to the recent floods and the devastating impact on local people and communities, the aid will help to provide food, water and shelter in line with Marel’s purpose - producing safe, nutritious and affordable food for all.