Sharpener. For perfect product presentation.

The HS_divider sharpener makes manual sharpening of the TREIF blades unbeat-ably simple. Waiting and down times are a thing of the past.

Easy and safe to operate, the HS_divider provides a lasting, sharp cutting edge. Your products will constantly get a clean cut and can be optimally presented, thanks to a sharp blade.

  • Reliability in production and quality due to permanent availability of sharp blades
  • Diamond-set sharpening tools
  • Sharpening and deburring in one step
  • No energy supply required (neither electrical nor pneumatic)
  • Two HS_divider models for blades of the different TREIF-Slicers

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Individual customer solutions

All manufacturers have their own very individual requirements in terms of cutting and processing technology. The great experience of our engineers and the flexible way the design architecture of our machines is engineered mean we can respond to the individual needs of our customers right down to the finest detail.

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